Wednesday, June 22, 2011

you guys....

are so funny.

many of you are asking for a break down of my schedule and my house rules (I know the picture does not give it any justice)....
they are pretty basic.
here it is.

Family House Rules
1. USE KINDNESS. treat others the way you wan to be treated.
2. No BACKTALK. no whining, arguing, complaining, or sassy talk.
4. Use HELPFUL HANDS. when things are a struggle or hard- help them out.
5. Use MANNERS please, thank you, your welcome.
6. Be RESPECTFUL of other's things and space.
8. At dinner we sit nicely together. (until you are excused)

Daily Schedule
awake by 8.
make bed
morning chore- for us... the kids feed pets.
9:00 HOMEWORK PACKET I have put together for each child a selection of homework that includes writing, spelling, math, creative art, science, thinking games and exercise.

9:30 TEAM TIME. this is where the boys do something together. So they work on their communication with each other, cooperation, and sharing. this is usually cooking, a game, or a craft.

9:50 snack (because my boys eat... and eat.... and eat.)

10:00 OPTIONS.
This is can be any activity.... like the library. the zoo. OMSI. or even park play, or forest walks.... but- we have to get out of the house!

12:00- LUNCH.
12:20- 1:00 R2S/QUIET TIME. read to self in the rooms..... but all quiet is a must.
1:00- 4:00 ACTIVE TIME. we do something together/ or half day camps.

4:00-5:00 FAMILY HELP TIME. This is a list of family chores that they do. like sweep the deck. dust. windows. pick up toys. fold laundry. etc..... the possibilities are endless!
this time also allows me to get some dinner going~ and they are still busy!

5:ish DINNER.

6-7:30 FAMILY FUN TIME. all 4 of us are playing games, out on a walk or doing something together.

7:30 prep B for bed.... in bed at 8. (bath, teeth, books, music, bed.)
7:30 reading time for O.
8:00 prep O for bed.... in bed at 8:30. (bath, teeth, books, music, bed.)


  1. you are an awesome momma! and I seriously love schedules :)

  2. Wow. I am amazed. With two little ones at home you do need a schedule! I am kid-less right now so I am a sloth. :)