Saturday, June 18, 2011

summer~ day 1.

we have a plan.
we have house rules.
we have stickers for extraordinary behavior.
now its time to have fun!
Bjorn has always had a schedule. The house rules have always been on the fridge..... but to have the two in one place seems like a whole new deal.

Odin has been sticking to the "Plan".... and finds it to be the "coolest" thing in the house.
I have no idea why, but also,
I do not question a good thing.

day one. to the fountains with some neighbor friends.
the boys.

O hesitated.
B.... did not.
just kickin' it.

two of my most favorite girls!

this was one of the funniest photos....
as E wanted her photo taken, A ran into the fountain...
and got a surprise spray in the face!

fun summer times!

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