Thursday, June 30, 2011

Please dont feed me...

If you know about the GFCF diet.. you know that gluten is the hardest protein to have flush through the system. We spent 5 weeks working hard to have all the grain proteins removed from the house and flushed from B's body. They (professionals?) say it could take up to 6-12 months to see the full affects of this allergy removed from the body.

so, 5 weeks in.... and we have started to sail smoothly.
or so.... I thought.

the second day of B's sports camp.....
he has TWO handfuls of goldfish (dairy and wheat all in one sweet fish!) before they remember he couldn't have any....
that when I got the phone call.
"ummmm..... Mrs. H.... we accidentally fed your son some goldfish.... we need to know what sort of reactions we need to look out for..."

let me see.....
considering wheat is like an addictive opiate similar to heroin to him.... I'd say.... watch for ALL HELL TO BREAK LOOSE!
but what I really said was "have him drink a lot of water and keep him interacting with you so he doesn't start squealing or stemming (which in his case, lately, has been rubbing his chin across his shirt collar)..."

oh yea, by the way~ if he starts to freak out behaviorally please know I will be asking for a refund for this week's camp.

let's just say the rest of the week he went to camp with a sticker on his shirt saying
"please don't feed me~ I have many allergies"

I also have bought three cute shirts and a button from CafePress that give the adults in charge a heads up.... now just waiting for them to be delivered.

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