Thursday, July 21, 2011


(Autism play day for family and friends)

We have a friend. This friend works at Nike. This friend has become a very special member to our family~ not just because he is at Nike ( that is a perk, yes, but not the reason I like him.... although with this post you may begin to think otherwise), but he is a special friend because he has a heart of gold. pure gold.

During one of my recent rough patches with B, this friend thought of us and invited our whole family to a day on the Nike campus for their 2nd Annual Autism Sports Day, in May.
A day where volunteers out number autistic children (by 3 to 1), and they just love love love on this group of kids by playing games, tossing balls and swimming together. Then as if that wasn't enough....
there was a whole area focused on support and resources for families.

Having really limited time to find resources.... limited means to attend group meetings.... limited funds to travel or afford high intensive therapies/helps.... this special day, with these special resources and people..... brought tears to my eyes numerous times..... because I knew I wasn't the only one. I wasn't alone. And that I can do this......

a great day and we all had
a wonderful time.

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  1. What a brilliant day and what precious memories! What a great friend too!