Sunday, July 24, 2011


it was inevitable......
my oldest is growing fast, its like he drank Miracle Grow in one night.... he's been sprouting like a weed all summer.
His growth is not only being noticed by clothing~ but his attitude, his thoughtfulness, his demeanor have all grown up. He's thinking much more of others... other than himself. He's changing so quickly into a little man..... that I am dreading this next month of "sorting" through his room.
Out with the "little hangers" and in with the adult hangers.
Out with the early readers/chapter books and in with the comics and science books.
Out with the PJ's and in with the "whatever they call the things that boys sleep in".
Out with the size SM and in with the M/L.

luckily- the stuffies, Legos, the Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys are staying. I am not ready for him to leave these things behind ......nor is he (pheewww!)

::final result::
clean. unclutter. ready to be messy again.


  1. Can just about see the floor in no. 1's room - took a lot of physical (& emotional) energy to get to this stage ! Might show him your photos to inspire him....

  2. They grow bigger and bigger but the legos still stay! Looks great, worth all the hard work :D