Saturday, July 30, 2011

waiting for eggs.....

Sweetie- our oldest chicken should be laying soon.
Any day now......
I am always making trips to the coop to "check on our progress".

the others are growing fast, getting their personality....
and we have given them names now.
I know we said we wouldn't name them until they started to lay eggs, but with 3 unnamed chickens... you can only "call the girls" so often.

so meet....
KP (short for Kung Pao)
she is the fattest and laziest.
she is the shy one and smallest.
her and KP seem to always be together.
and Kevin.
(I know it doesn't go with the Chinese theme but
I have always wanted to name a female pet Kevin.)
Kevin is the more adventurous and social one out of the younger three.
She is also the one that likes to be picked up~ so you will always find her in the arms of a child.


  1. Our first egg was sooo special - it was photographed and admired and was almost too precious to eat! Now we take them a bit for granted, thanks for reminding me just how amazing each one is! Nice to meet your girls too - glad they really are girls this time! :D