Sunday, July 31, 2011

crafting the weekend away.

school is coming soon....
and the littlest little will be in 1st and having lunch at school.
we have only 3 snack bags from last year (remember these)
and so I needed to make some more.

Also, over the year I have had a few friends ask for me to make them some~ so I spent a whole day making snack bags. The assembly line works~ 10 bags all together in one day.
I know~ slow workings... but I watched a few "chick" movies while I worked.
like this one...
MOTHERHOOD with Uma Thurman.
which I found all to familiarly funny about a city mother who writes a blog.....

when the littles came home from a long bike ride along the city river with dad, O asked me if I could make him a snake. Oh how I love snakes(sarcasm!). so I taught him how to design and make a pattern.... we found some great scrap fabric....

sewed it up.

turned it right side out and stuffed it.

picked out eyes.

viola! a stuffed snake.

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