Tuesday, August 30, 2011

we interrupt this blog....

with some funny and shocking news from the Coop of Good Fortune...

we got a second egg from one of the girls.....
a second egg that is light colored, thin shelled, odd shaped
this photo is of Odin's hands... so it give you an idea of how large this egg is!

and had a surprise inside.
unfortunately I couldn't photograph it because my camera battery sucks! but.....
the surprise was a rarity of sorts....
it was an egg inside an egg.

at first we pondered the thought it was an embryo..... so we started dissecting it before I thought to photograph it..... (all while I was mumbling under my breath... "we had better not have another rooster!")

but as we cut into the second egg.... we found no yolk. It was weird... and at the time I was a tad grossed out..... but after searching the World Wide Web I found this site
and it explained it all.
they called it an "fart egg" (I know one friend who will read this blog and giggle right now)

so, we are now adding another experience under our belts.... and moving forward with living with backyard chickens.
I hear this is "just all in a days work"......
now back to our regular blogging.
I know- I have promised you a wedding......


  1. You must be special to get a doubly odd egg!!

  2. A hilarious title for an interesting egg. Were you too grossed out to eat it?

  3. yep... colleen... super grossed out! we just composted the whole thing.