Saturday, September 3, 2011

summer games

inspired by angry chickens post about portable games they play on the road....
I decided to share some of our summer games that we like to do together.

Bryan's parents brought up a bunch of "old" games from their cupboards a few months ago. Games that dad played when he was a little boy. Odin found it fascinating that he would like games that his daddy liked as a kid. Isn't that connection sweet, when your kids figure that out. LIFE was one of the games....
the box is taped together, the money and board is musty smelling, but the family time we have together is beyond words. Bryan will share memories about "this one time ________" or "I remember______". Odin soaks up these moments.

CONNECT FOUR~ many nights we will go onto marathon games of the winner of 10. One time we went to Super Marathon and played to the winner of 20.
Every time we play I remember this from the commercials in the 80's
"I Won"
" here~ diagonally"
"pretty sneaky, sis!"

and for Bjorn-SPOT IT.
This game is actually awesome for his Therapy. He struggles with the neurological connections between his vision and brain (Sensory issues) and this game helps build that connection because it is done with a round card with multiple pictures on it. He flips two cards over and then he has to look closely at them to figure out which is the matching image... so he is looking up and down/ far and near and cross referencing. He could play this all day~ and we encourage it!

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