Sunday, September 4, 2011

we have lost something

a tooth!

This tooth was B's third tooth but the loss of this tooth is very important!
When he was little he was the most dangerous adventure seeker on this planet.... you laugh... but I tell you the truth.
Not a day went by without me sick with worry~ I had to learn to anticipate all possible situations and plan my reactions and attacks accordingly. He had no sense of pain... so if he was hurt~ we never knew until a bruise the size of Kansas appeared or he would bleed abundantly. Even with bleeding~ he never cried in pain~ NEVER!
A few years back, at his dentist, we found out that he had bumped his tooth and the growth pattern had stopped.... the tooth didnt die- it just stopped growing. So here we are today- 6 years old- and have only lost 2 teeth....
So we were going into the dentist in two weeks to see what we needed to do about this tooth until Friday..... little B ate and apple and said "I hate my toofff.... it wont let me eat" while I investigated I found that the one tooth was loose....

Yesterday after quick little tug by MOM..... he lost it!
Today he has the cutest little lisp that makes me giggle every time he speaks.
if you asking him where his tooth is
he says " It's wost... its not in my mouff"
gotta love the cute direct approach.

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