Saturday, September 17, 2011

just watched....

Vanishing of the Bees

yes... I am having a craft day (it seems to be the only time I get to watch movies).....
but this movie was beautiful. Yes, it is about the bees and how they have just disappeared without a trace.... but it was beautiful in the way they designed it, in the way they presented the struggle and problems, as well as the solution that one person could do to restore the bee population (as well as other natural habitats) affected by pesticides.

Remember a few years back when the headlines cried out "the Bees are gone".... remember??? It took a few years to figure out.... but they have found that the pesticides found in soils and flowering plants started the landslide of other issues. Encouraging families, cities, neighborhoods to start hobby bee keeping, buying local and from Farmers Markets, as well as growing their own foods buy planting flowering plants for the bees to pollinate.

Over the past three years I began to plant more lavender bushes around our yard (buying two this year~ because I love to hear the buzzing of the bees so much!) as well as planting MANY varieties of sunflowers (which are just beginning to bloom)....
I had wanted to build a mason bee house~ but found that my plan needed to wait another year.... now I am not thinking of keeping bee hives (although I do know of some people that have).... but the idea that I can play a part in keeping bees around, and happy, is one of the great things that I love about summer time. You get to see the cycle of life, the rhythms of creation, move.

::attach sunflowers in yard photo here::
~ sorry, no photo.... it is raining (for the first time in eons) and I want the photo to be bright and cheery..... will add photo soon.

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