Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kite Festival

we are always here ( Lincoln City, OR) for the kite festival~ and when we visit we seem to catch the kites, but not the festivities. This year we went (on time) and found a whole different world.....
I never knew there was a community of kite fliers that are totally "into" kites.

we made a kite.

we saw massively huge kites,

synchronized kites,

Dancing kites~ with like 7 fliers working together (to music even!)

even a world record set by the first balloon kite ( and let me tell ya... this guy was serious about his balloons!)

remember this guy....
from America's Got Talent????
Connor Doran.... the first time I watched him on this show, was this try out, and he brought tears to my eyes with how beautiful this performance was. He went onto being in the top 12 of the competition.....

He was there flying.....

it was a windy day, absolutely perfect for a kite ( or two... or hundreds). If you get a chance to see a kite festival~ don't pass it up! It truly is a must see!

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