Friday, October 28, 2011

my front porch

this is Halloween weekend......
one costume is done (because he has worn it every year- since he was 2). By the way~ those are the best costumes ever!!!!! I am glad I made it BIG so that he could wear it this long. I tried to actually convince him to wear something different this year- but, nope.... it shall be another year of Mickey Mouse (and I am SO okay with that!)
The other costume is in my head.... and will be in the workings this weekend.....

but until then,
I wanted to share with you my front porch.
I love my porch. There is space to decorate and to have some fun with... as well as some room to move around and be out of the rain.
This year I saved some seeds from a few squash that we ate last year and grew them out at my aunt's farm. We dont have space to grow large vines (yet!). so imagine my surprise when I found that two seeds (one sweet pie pumpkin, and one kabocha) grew and grew and grew..... making plenty of pumpkins for a "sweet" autumn display on my porch. This year we have not bought one single pumpkin..... making this year even sweeter!
view from the street

some old tombstones I made years ago... before Bjorn was born.
(Paul is a cousin of ours)

the pumpkin party
BTW- this is only a third of the crop...
many of the pumpkins are still at the farm,
or were shared among friends and neighbors.

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  1. That looks fantastic Tif! I only managed to grow one small pumpkin at home this year but I was lucky to be able to get a mixed box from my organic Veggie box people....have a great weekend, happy Halloweening! xxx