Thursday, October 27, 2011

gift knit

a gift for a friend....
my first cowl.

I used a seed stitch with this pattern The pattern asks for a cotton yarn but I wanted to use a more wool like yarn.... I went with the NEW Stitch Nation's Washable Ewe in Zinnia. Not many can wear this bright pink color but my friend Carrie~ can.... and she wears it well!
It took me 7 days~ in my "slow as molasses" style but my excitement for her gifting tonight is worth all the efforts.

This cowl is about 70 inches long, and 7 inches wide. Making it long~ for up to three wrappings around the neck.... (although I prefer the double wrap).....
so so so so cute!
perfect for the chilly winters in the city!

now excuse me while I go and start another one.... for me.

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  1. Oh wow Tif that is gorgeous! I admire you being able to give it away and then make