Wednesday, October 26, 2011

this is corny- I know

okay.... so we have been GF/CF for a season.... Egg-less for just over a month or so.....

there have been some things that have been difficult to adjust to....
but somethings- I have embraced, and have found alternatives.
It was a huge transition for us.
Especially when they found out Bjorn had an intolerance to eggs the second week the girls decided to "pay rent" around here. but, we have endured.... seen the humor of it all.... and laughed!

many things we have learned to do without....
Rolls with dinner have been the main one,
but the hardest for us was what Bjorn could eat at a restaurant if we were out (which, isnt very often.... but it does happen)

Bjorn.... his love is in a corn dog. He is not a french fry kid, nor is he a cheeseburger dude..... He goes for the corn dog when given a chance.
He has gone almost 8 months without one~that is until this weekend.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs~ The Pioneer Woman~ and she posted this recipe for homemade corn dogs. Sadly, I never even thought to try to make them..... the idea of filling a pot with oil and then sticking something into it- kinda grossed me out a bit. I am from California~ we dont fry things at home. That is a job for the professionals.

of course I adjusted the recipe... to meet our dietary needs (that is weird using the word diet, when talking about a corn dog).

I make a homemade GF pancake mix that I substituted (with brown rice flour and almond flour- for a higher protein), I used ground flax in place of egg, and no nitrate hot dogs~ ( because that is how we roll!)... I was hesitant with the outcome....
but it got rave reviews.
yes- they even look homemade!

Both boys loved them! LOVED!!!! which earned me the "Mommy Hugs Award" for the weekend.... and boy, did I feel special.
so, go ahead..... fill up a pot with oil..... and make some magic!
this is his "don't bother me~ I'm eating" face.

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  1. I don't even know what a corn dog is but it sure looks good! I'm with you on the fried food front, oil and heat just scare me but that looks such a treat maybe I am going to have to be brave!