Monday, November 28, 2011

beginnings and finishings

since the past weekend
my little fingers have been busy.....
I am beginning
another cowl

I am finishing
this cowl (for myself this time!)
modeled by O

these pj pants (for me~ I dont normally make myself things... so what a treat for me!)

this scrapbook (more on that tomorrow)

I love when things start and finish.....
dont you?
I am usually really great at starting things... its the finishing bit that I struggle with.
please tell me I am not the only one!


  1. You are so NOT the only one! Lovely makes Tif, well done on all that finishing :D

  2. I love seeing your embroidery! And it's great to see you are making things for yourself. I wear my cowl almost daily! I love it :)