Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a fortune

this morning I did something different.

I usually have a lot of coffee to get myself moving through the brisk cold mornings,
but today, I did something different.
I made myself a cup of tea.
I opened a bag, dropped it in a cup, and poured in steamy hot water and walked away to let it steep.
I came back, stirred the tea... and sat down.....
all this without seeing anything out of the ordinary.
when I was about to take my first sip I saw a bunch of words on my "tea tab",
squinted my eyes to adjust.... and smiled.

My tea had a fortune on it.
not just any fortune... but a beautiful life lesson to take to heart.

yep, my tea bag has put it into pure light....
Kindness can speak volumes..... my tea tells me so.

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