Friday, November 4, 2011

a rabbit

We need to talk about a rabbit.
A rabbit that has been in my life since just before my youngest came.
This rabbit was a $5 purchase at a book store (if you bought 3 books).... and I bought 2 (rabbits, that is). It was right around Easter, and B was just about to be born.....
One rabbit went to a special girl, Emily (his birth sister- she was 15 months when B was born and adopted by our family) and the other went to Bjorn.

Bjorn, as an infant, had a tough first 14 months. His digestive system was twisted, he was colic, and he never slept. NEVER SLEPT! His first 4 months he was ALWAYS crying..... the only thing that would sooth him was to be squeezed tight (swaddled), blowing wind and a fast swing. Many times I would pack him up in the car and drive with the windows down~ just to get him to sleep for 20 minutes.
When he was 5 months old.... I grabbed this $5 rabbit and played peek a boo with him (to distract from crying).... and, instantly, he nuzzled his little nose into the rabbits body and grabbed the butt~ and squeezed. He then fell asleep..... not just for 20 minutes.... but for 4 hours!
This was such a monumental day that I photographed it.... people, I have never seen a baby attach onto an item at such a young age.... but this beautiful little boy did.

Since this day...... "bunny" has been in our lives.

This is how he slept with her....
no matter how many times I would lay the rabbit next to him...
it always ended in his face.
Bunny was always by his side!

here we are 6 years later.... and she is still here..... right beside him
(thinning, matted, and floppy).
Lately, the routine for school is a sweet one.....
B sets "bunny" up in the window so that she can watch him leave on the bus.... and she stays there until he comes home.... she can see everything from where she is.
Bjorn, as he boards the bus, waves goodbye to her.... and when he walks in the door he greets her with long hugs and kisses. This relationship is sweet, longstanding, and gentle.
She is his, and he is hers.
This is unconditional love!

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  1. We have a lamb (Baba) he was once white but now the most polite I can be is to say he is grey...he is actually in his 4th incarnation, the others had to be retired as sucking had worn them away beyond patching but at nearly 10 Sam is showing no signs of letting go...Babs still travels to school with us everyday and then sits in Sams seat to be grabbed as soon as he gets back in....I think he loves him more than me but if I do win it is by a very small margin...unconditional love indeed!