Tuesday, December 6, 2011


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as I have shared... many times before..... I am not a quick knitter... and I throw my stitches (which in the world of knitting is kinda a silly way to knit)....
but, that is me.... the "self taught lover of knitting".
but with that.... comes, what I have self diagnosed as "wool rash" on my thumb.
(secretly I know my mom would lecture me on the picking on my fingers... a habit that I have had since I was 10...but, I am chalking it up to "wool rash")
what is "wool rash" you ask?
well, it is the dryness found on the sides of my thumbs due to the wool yarn rubbing on it. The more I knit, the more rubbing that happens.... and the dryness then gets raw....little raw spots appear on the outsides of my thumbs, and sometimes can bleed (out of no where... mom, really!! out of no where!).
so... what does one do with such an annoyance of sorts.....

we wear band-aids!!!!

I sometimes can have band-aids on at least 5 of my fingers... due to the spread of "wool rash" (mom, it really does spread!) and this month I have gone through three packages of band-aids...

I must pursue on with my knitting for the better good of mankind..... because of the quote "there is no telling how many miles you will have to run to chase a dream"~ Author Unknown

but I must rephrase that to "there is no telling how many band-aids you will have to use to complete a scarf" Author Tif

so today, I bid you many days of happy knitting.... no matter how many band-aids you must wear!

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