Monday, December 5, 2011


Tis the season~
of when I started my blog.

Three years ago, I posted stories of our "big snowfalls" during December for friends and family in California (where snow is a novelty).....
who knew that this blog would grow and become one of my favorite things...

it has encouraged me to start crafting again.
it has given me a place to share my ideas for simple living.
it has shaped some unique friendships ("whoot whoot" to my fellow bloggers!).
it has given me a voice when at times I didnt think I had one.
it has been a saving grace in many ways.

with three being one of my favorite numbers....
although~ who knows why we have favorite numbers?????

I have a giveaway for you.
I have some handmade ornaments.
all in my favorite things....
and simple.

all you have to do is answer these three questions
1. what is the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word "three"?
2. what are three of your simple favorite things?
3. what is your favorite number?

leave your 3 answer to these questions in the comments by Friday the 9th (midnight)...... and the lucky winner will have these on their tree for the holiday.....

three cheers for blogiversaries!


  1. 1. Ellie!
    2. Bread, cheese and chocolate. (what? they are simple. and the first things I thought of)
    3. 7

    Happy happy blogaversary! I always miss mine.

  2. Congratulations Tif! My answers are:
    1-Three blind mice
    2-reading in bed, flowers in the house, walking with my dog....
    3-13 (I was 13 on friday the 13th!)and my big baby is a lovely 13 at the moment....
    I'll keep my fingers crossed :D

  3. 1. My kids, Madeline, Timothy and Sadie.
    2. Chocolate Chip Cookies, Reading and Silence.
    3. 7 (I have no idea why).
    Please, please, please pick me!

  4. 1. The trinity...Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    2. Starbucks lattes, lazy days with Aubrey, and a good night's sleep
    3. Originally, it was 7...but with the big day approaching, it is now the combo 8/24/12.

    BTW, your craftiness is so inspiring...I'm currently working on crocheting a blanket for AP's mom and gma.

  5. #1: My three brothers.
    #2: Reading, music, and coffee!
    #3: My fave number is 5, because I'm the 5th child. :0)

  6. When I hear "3", I think of my three kids. I love having three kids, because it is MY FAVORITE number! Three simple things I love are... back scratches, snuggling in bed with my kids while telling stories, and sipping something hot by the quiet fire.


  7. 1. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. But I must confess I also thought about The Three Stooges...used to watch it with my dad in
    2.Scrapbooking, listening to music, laughing with my girls
    3. Favorite number is 12...can't wait for my 12/12/12 birthday! :)

  8. Congratulations!
    !. My littlest, such a great age.
    2. a good book, hot cocoa, and rain
    3. yikes, I don't have a favourite number, let's go with 6, the number of our family.

  9. 1. I think of the # in my family
    2.Chai tea, cuddling baby & the smell of Christmas
    3. 17

  10. 1 - Stooges, totally.
    2 - Butter, the scent of my girls' just-washed cheeks, and that first cuppa in the morning.
    3 - 8675309

  11. 1- multiples of 3...3-6-9 and something about a goose drank that a nursery rhyme?
    2- sleeping in, snow days, and snuggling..."s" theme in threes
    3- three!

  12. french-hens
    cuddles, meditation and naps

  13. 1. We Three Kings on 103.3 because that's all Pippa will let me have on the radio these days! (I know that's more than 1 word though!)
    2. Hanging out with my husband doing NOTHING after the kids go to bed, baking, finding the perfect gift for someone!
    3. Going along with the theme, I'll say "3!"

  14. Hey Tiff! Happy blog-a-versary!! Here are my answers:

    1, The perfect number! (School House Rock)
    2. baking, reading, and hanging out with my family
    3. 25

    Have fun!

  15. 1). I think of the three little pigs and three blind mice.
    2). A). I love my quiet time when I can pray, and think without interruptions.
    B). I love my walks with my friends where we can talk, encourage each other, and as of lately take photos of nature.
    C). I love the time when I put my son to sleep. We talk about the day and play games until he falls asleep.
    3). My favorite # is 13. I was born on a Friday the 13th.
    Diana Karim

  16. 1) JUMP! (as in 1,2,3!!)
    2)Howie's scowl, fantasies of YWAM reunions, and big buckets of snow...
    3)fave # is 3! which is precisely why i wouldnt have responded if you had asked for 4 things...

    I'll trade you a book for some your cool goodies or hot simple living tips... ;)