Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 a night with the boys.... was the way I finished out my birthday.  and I would not of had it any other way.
~the stick flag idea is from Pozy Gets Cozy
they made the cupcakes more festive and feminine 
(which is always important when one is in a house full of boys)

Dad ordered some pizza (Garlic Jims had GF pizza- for the little) as well as a fancy chicken mushroom garlic pizza for us!  
mmmm... it was quite good! 

we then had a cupcake selection of Red Velvet, Mocha and Double Chocolate to choose from... which were bought from BLISS.

Odin made me this sweet gift- out of legos.  
Can you read what it says????
Happy Birthday mom.

 Bjorn stuffed his face.

::one of my gifts were these ceramic stacking Matryoshka... that are super cute::
 and they are measuring cups (making them even cuter!)

yep~ a night with my boys.... a birthday to remember!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and phone calls..... this girl feels pretty special!

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