Tuesday, January 3, 2012


you know....
when one comes home from weeks out of town there is always a pile of mail waiting.
This is more than evident in the month of December~ with all the special cards, catalogs and advertisements for unnecessary credit cards or services....
its a love hate thing... I know.

so yesterday I sat down and began to open envelope after envelope, when at the very bottom of the pile appeared a mustard yellow envelope with my name on it.
What is this I pondered, these envelopes are specifically designed to be torn open immediately..... knowing that the contents are fragile and special~so of course~ I did just that!

Inside was the cutest handmade ornament and the most amazing card.... a very special gift indeed!
A local blogger and friend sent me a gift....
and her words were short but beyond sweet.....

making my day, my week, and possibly started my 2012 with a great reminder...
the reminder that life is meant to be full of surprises, sweet words, and moments of encouragement towards others.

Thanks does not express enough how this simple gift lifted my spirits and showed me the value in friendships (even ones that blogs bring together) but thank you Lori~ you are amazing!


  1. What a great start to 2012...don't you just love friends who come up with such wonderful ideas?? :D

  2. NIce! I just popped over to Run Lori Run and it appears you run in a creative pack! Happy New Year!

  3. Aw, you are so kind! Hope you and your family had a nice holiday!

    I am finally home (yesterday) after missed planes, lost baggage and have a nasty cold. Now to go thru the 1400 photos I took!