Wednesday, January 4, 2012


so, the hubby always make me laugh..... and every year for our anniversary he gives me a card.  It usually is a short worded and silly card~ but that is how he rolls!  Not a man of many words but a man of many amazing actions.

This year he gave me a card.  And it had more than 10 words on the front ( I got a little hesitant, as I began to read. It was so sweet...  so sweet~that I knew something was going to jump out or say "just kidding" as I opened it....)

The day we promised for better or worse,
there was no way we could have known what that would mean.
But as the years have gone by, we've come to understand.

It means that whether things are running smoothly around here
or they get a little crazy....
whether I need a best friend in my corner
or just one of your smiles to remind me
everything will be okay....
whether we're sharing a magic moment
or just the day-today of it all....

It means that our love is real,
we're here for each other, and we're in this together~
for better, for worse, for always.

as I put the card down he says "I told him to write that!"( there it is!!!)
and we laughed.... laughed hard!

that, my friends, is the most amazing husband that I married..... Happy anniversary!
I love you.

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