Thursday, January 5, 2012

the magic pink bunny

with all my holiday crafting in December.... I had to rely on a very special ETSY elf to make B's special Christmas request (remember, the magic pink bunny). Not only was I ecstatic about having this handmade for Bjorn, but this gift from Santa was also a gift, found in a new friend, to me....
I began my search for the perfect elf early in November, and my search ended when I met Emily Ivey (she even has a holiday elf -like name) at YARN MIRACLE. When I stated my needs for a magic pink bunny~ she began the mad task of wondering how to get magic into this little guy. She took on this task with great love and sweetness~ as if she were making this for her own daughter~ and she had never even met my Bjorn. I was involved in the whole creation from start to finish.... picking out the perfect "magic" color pink, the heart on the belly, and the white on its paws.... there was even a moment when B wanted it to have blinking red lights for eyes (that crisis was averted when I said "Mrs. Claus is afraid that the batteries wont be able to be replaced".... not to mention the nightmares that poor little guy would have every single night!). When I shared this request~ Emily... without hesitation.... thought about how to add the blinking lights.  That is how awesome this girl is!  Both of us were so excited about this project~ I think we were beyond giddy, at times!!!

When my box arrived, I opened the package... as if it were for me.....
he was perfect.
I couldn't wait for Christmas morning.

the day came, and the moment they met... it was
absolutely perfect.
(of course my camera battery died the night before..... but, here is a photo of magic bunny later that day... with bunny and mouse... at my sister's house) Since then Bjorn has had the two of them together much of the time..... just like this.
 Bjorn has named her MAGIC. And now that we are home she has her own bunny bed and blanket....  awwww~ a new friend to play with (for both of us!)


  1. Of course that bunny's name is Magic! What else would it be?

    Yay. I have to tell you, the absolute greatest thing for a toymaker is to have your creations loved. I am a lucky lucky knitter.

  2. What a cutie! I wish I could knit. :)