Saturday, November 12, 2011

a list

this year we are out and about for Christmas eve and day.... which means Santa has to know where to go to find our boys stockings.....
so, I sat them down yesterday to have them start their letter to Santa.

Before I could say anything more~ Bjorn grabbed the paper and began writing away.
Dear Santa,
I NEED a majick bunny pinc.
love, Bjorn

ok.... so the translation for this is "I NEED A MAGIC PINK BUNNY".

that's it. Simple. Sweet. and Shocking.
first off.... my favorite is that he wants a PINK bunny (I didnt even know he liked the color pink)
secondly.... he doesnt want it he NEEDS it.
and finally.... I have my work cut out for me.

Looks like ETSY and I are gonna have a special order.

:: ps. after some inquiry I found out more about what he envisions as a pink magic bunny.... and he now understands that the magic part will be up to him, not Santa::

this is gonna be fun!

:::side note. Odin's letter is still in the makings..... that one is gonna be fun to share too:::

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