Friday, November 11, 2011


remember the days when scrap booking was all the rage!
Everyone was making one.....
well, Odin was born during the peak of this time.
you know....the time when digital cameras were starting to be affordable,
printing photos was just an order away,
and paper and stickers were filling drawers everywhere!

I was up to date on all photography moments, and books were always in the works.
(lets just say that when Bjorn was born two years later.... I had time to buy the book, to do two pages of his birth.... and then they collected dust).

so, I had never done this before... but I let Odin look at his pictures this morning. He sat for hours reading, looking and asking about stories....
what a memorable day.

now I am thinking I should take some time and focus on B's book (6 years later).... hmmm... I feel a headache coming on....

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  1. Funny you should post this today. I am planning to scrapbook Ellie's birth tonight...18 months later...remember the days I was up-to date on all of my books....hehehe