Wednesday, January 11, 2012

is it a beach or a tornado?

why is it as a mom.... we have these days of simplicity, calm, order, peace....
you know, the days were you walk around with your head attached, your schedules flexible, and everything is ... so.... (dare I say) controllable. you know, the days where its a walk on a beach.

and then.... there are days where you feel like your being is non existing, you don't have a handle on anything... and you feel consumed by nothing and yet, everything?!?
you know the days where its like being tossed and turned by a tornado.

well, we are in tornado alert this week.
there seems to be a full plan for each day... and only 30 minutes of down time~ which is spent prepping for the next event.  Not much of a down time... at all!

I realized I was in tornado alert just this morning (or should I say nearly noon) when I came across my phone and there was a text from my hubby asking where B's glasses were? and that he was "freaking out" just as the bus was coming to pick him up for school.  Now, if it were any other child, going to school without glasses wouldn't be a big deal.... but with little B~ this mole hill was much more than a mountain...but  more of a glacial event.  I can only imagine the coaxing that dad had to do just to get him on the bus....
then there was a second text.....
" Bjorn is waiting for you to bring them to school" (stamp time 8:15am)

it's almost noon- and I am thinking..... SHOOT!  I have to find these glasses, AND drive them to his school.
thus began a frantic search throughout the house for his glasses. Up. Down. Under. Over. Inside. Outside.  Everywhere.  Finally, I look in the drawer, where they are suppose to be (knowing that dad... would have already looked there)..... I open the drawer. take out the address book (yes, I still own one) and there they are~ right there.
I grab them.
Jump into the car.
Drive them to his school.
Find him at lunch... and put them on his peanut butter sandwiched face.
He exhales, and says "Fanks mommy.  I doudn't find them~ I had a rough day"
I look at him,
and I say "Your welcome.  I've had a rough day too."

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  1. Oh Tif - I hope things got better...for both of you! xxx