Friday, January 13, 2012

planning for snow.

now as you read the title... you begin to wonder.....
the weather is saying snow (the first hint of snow this season)...
today's school is all "a buzz" about what to do during that day off....
everyone is waiting with baited breath...
one thing is for sure.....
it is cold enough for snow... but is it wet enough.

you see, in Portland, we have learned that if the weatherman predicts it....
then most likely~ the prediction is wrong.
but, if the weatherman says "don't worry, it will be a slight chance"...
it will dump like no tomorrow!

::this is how the kids prep for this sort of prediction::
~put a white crayon by the window/ or an orange crayon in the freezer
~ sleep with PJ's inside out.
~ flush three cubes of ice down the toilet before bed.
~put a spoon under your pillow.
~ set your right glove, in your left shoe.

::this is how the mom and dad prep for this sort of prediction::
~cut fire wood.
~get out jackets and gloves (set by front door)... and sleds.
~fill the fridge ( with at least one carrot for a snowman's nose)
~fill the car's tank~ with knowing you wont go anywhere!
~find candles and have readily avail.
~have a good book, hot chocolate, and board games.... ready to go!

tonight and tomorrow... it is prep day for what they say is coming on Sunday and Monday....
stay posted....
these days~ you never know!

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