Thursday, February 9, 2012


yesterday.... I had a "why didnt I think of that" moment.
this is brilliant.
okay, here it is..... I love mason jars!  love them!
In the summer I love to fill them with cool drinks and cap them to travel, yesterday, my girlie friend gave me a belated birthday gift.
and it is called a CUPPOW
Best new thing since sliced bread! Seriously! Got our @cuppow... on Twitpic

see what I mean..... Genius!
so simple.... and perfect.
I am so excited to try my cuppow out!

CUPPOW! from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

you should get one too!

::side note::
if you are a knitter.... and you have some scrap yarn.... you can make a cozy for your cuppow mason jar.  just cast on 44-50 stitches using size 8 or 9 double point needles~ and knit/purl your favorite pattern in the round until it is about 3-4 inches.  This is also a great way to practice a stitch that you are not familiar with.