Wednesday, February 8, 2012

how you bean?

so, I told you yesterday... I am planning to "stay on top" of February....
and, of course,  the task at hand is a uphill battle.... but I will persevere and make it happen.
That is what we moms do! right?!?!

so,  I am planning Bjorn's class party this week~ I wont be in town when the actual party happens, so the teacher has said she will make the party happen~
but this means, I have to have the whole party planned and ready to go by this Friday (before I go out of town).
Now do you see why I intend to "stay on top" of February.

a bookmark craft set up.
an activity book with a few mazes, word finds, and color pages
decorate a heart sugar cookie
and a bean bag toss game (with 12 beanbags that the kids will take home)

all the ducks are in a row... except for the bean bags....
luckily, I have a mom who has an amazing fabric collection.... that she let me dip into this last December....
and now,  it is off to the sewing machine to crank these little babies out.

#### Que the elevator music###

viola~ added another duck to my row..... 

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