Thursday, February 16, 2012

a SanFran Weekend

a weekend away with the hubby.....
in a city I LOVE!
we had no car, no plans,
a cable car pass, and a parade.

the moment we arrived, we hopped on a train, and then walked our luggage up a few blocks~ and we ran into a "small" televised Chinese New Year Parade.  It was hilarious!  we just sat there on our luggage and waited for a bit- knowing there was no way we would be able to get across this parade for hours~ and our hotel was two more blocks up the street.  After encountering an officer- he informed us of the route to walk that would take us around the parade to our hotel..... thus began our long walks around the city.  Up hill, Down hill~ across and over.  I loved not having a car.
 We got a cable car/street car pass- so if we were to travel, it would be by way of vintage transport...
we walked around the city~ and enjoyed the salt water mist, the Chinese New Year festivities, and explored Alcatraz (the only touristy thing we did).  We witnessed the San Francisco Twins eating an early dinner at a restaurant (Uncle Vito's~ which has great Italian food!) near our hotel.  We ate breakfast (which I rarely do at home!) and visited a few friends we knew in the area.  There were no littles to worry about- to make sure they were close at hand, or not running off across the street....

although we missed our boys~ we sure enjoyed our time away!
 :: pictures taken with the hubby's phone:: the only party foul we encountered was a dead battery in the camera.(didnt that happen when we visited California in December?!?!)  note to self- always refresh the camera battery!::


  1. That all looks so great! Love the parade photos, the phone did good! :D

  2. Or always bring the charger!!! Glad you had a great time!

  3. I know we share the same brain sometimes. I have always wanted to go to San Francisco and was thinking about trying to swing a weekend thing this summer. If we do I'm going to be emailing you....... :)