Friday, February 17, 2012

cabbage~ simple entertainment!

If you have chickens..... there are some things you do to keep them entertained while they remain "coop"ed up ( pun intended) in this kind of weather

  • you throw in some tennis balls to let them peck them around.
  • you set up some hanging CD's to allow them to spin them.
  • you set up some straw to let them peck and scratch.

tis the time of year that they can get a  little "antsy" and start picking on their fellow house mates....
which in turn can end up a little tragic.... they tend to pinch and peck at each other~ and cause little "ouchies"

but this idea.... is one that can entertain us all.
hang a head of cabbage.  fabulous!
so this weekend.... I think I will try this and be entertained!


  1. Ellie and I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken video!

  2. I had no idea you needed to entertain chickens. :)

    1. I know- Crazy... right Lori! trust me- they get kinda like a "cabin fever" behavior. (especially if they are use to being "free ranged" ~ and then you keep them cooped up for a bit)