Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Clean WEEKEND 1

over the next few weeks I plan to purge and prep.....
yes, Spring Clean Fever is here and this is gonna be AWESOME!
I have no idea why this excites me so....
I think I just love the befores and afters of it all.

This weekend we are tackling the garage shelves
and  (if time allows) Bjorn's room.

BEFORE:: Garage Shelves

( with a newly added light green house~ built to the right of the photo!  bring on the new starts for spring)

 ::time did not allow::
Bjorn's Room~ is a task that may have to wait for a few days..... but I will tackle it!  I MUST... tackle it.

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  1. I am just starting to emerge from my spring cleaning....good luck from the other side!! lol