Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are you PINTERESTed?

Yes, I have found Pinterest.... and goodness, much like Facebook.... it can be addicting.  My Boards are flooded with ideas, dreams, and plans~ but I started to think...
Pinterest was created to limit the time on the computer~ not to create another social media to distract us....
Then I thought, I wonder how many people actually pin something... and then follow through and do it/make it/create it.

So, I set up a challenge of sorts for myself.
(hopefully) once a week, I will find a PIN and begin to make/bake/create/even print.... so that I can begin to add comments to my pins about the process... it may be something big, it maybe small... it may be a little different or it may be exact.
But it will be PINNED!

so this week I made a purchase.  I had pinned an idea, from ETSY, for my nephew's wedding coming up.  It was for a personalized tree pillow from COZYBLUE.  Much like this one below.
I know Alyson and Geoff will love it!
CozyBlue was also great enough to attach a note from our family and ship it to their new home.  Now, this weekend, I can visit during wedding~ enjoy the time... and not worry about wrapping/cards/ and what not.



  1. Cool idea Tif - I have made loads of stuff I have pinned (but also I still have lots left to try...) I think your challenge looks great fun, can't wait to see all those pins! :D

  2. What a great idea! I've been trying to do more with my pins than just look at pretty pictures. Its fun to say you did something you pinned.

  3. You are reading my mind. I am doing the same thing so I won't be just wasting time on there- you're right it is addicting! How can I find you on Pinterest?