Friday, March 9, 2012

where have I been...

last weekend O and I took a mommy & son trip south to California... it was my nephew's wedding. (nothing says getting old than when you tell friends "my nephew is getting married"!).  It was an amazing trip.  Odin ate tons of seafood (!!!) and I enjoyed time with him and my family.  It was a quick trip~ but lots of fun.

 Geoff and Kyle~ my biggest nephews
 "Ry-Ry~ my littlest nephew

when we returned, we picked up RUBY ( her name has been chosen!) and I have been playin (cleaning) with her every day.  With her being 45 years old~ there is quite a bit of "mustiness" and things to get done~ so I have been spending time prioritizing those things.... and working here and there to make her campable for Spring Break.
She is pink and white inside- so I have to rethink the plans of fabrics~ I choose to do that so that I could use up some of the stuff I have in my stash.... and her cushions are 45 years old~ and so they HAD TO go!  they were just plain gross!  But she is coming along.....(pictures coming...soon!)

I PINNED this St. Patrick's Day Printable... and decorated it with a rainbow, a leprechaun and some clovers (thanks to my mom and her handy cri-cut)... for our front entrance.  so, I have been a busy girl.

The kidlets are home today.... so we are off to get our bowling on!

have a great weekend!

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