Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Her Maiden Voyage

 The later days of Spring Break we took Ruby out for her first camping trip.  An experience that was full of lessons learned, ideas of tweaking for next time... all in all, a good time.
We ventured out past The Dalles to a little fishing village where the Deschutes River and Columbia River meet (Deschutes River Recreation Park). It rained most of the time... (at times like cats and dogs!).. with a few moments of dry weather.  Just before we left we had a few hours of sunshine (which we reveled in!).

This spot was really a beautiful place. We had a river otter playing nearby, and birds were everywhere.  The boys rode bikes, fished and walked the trails.  Ruby fared well.... but the kids struggled sleeping together in such close quarters (one of our tweaking moments).  There is also a train that blows its horn, every hour or so.... well into the late hours of the night.... So everyone was not sleeping well.


Aside from the lack of sleep, we had a good time together.... and personally, I cant wait to take Ruby out again!  This next time... a little more prepared~ with a few practice camp outs in our driveway, so the boys can get use to sleeping in small quarters.
stick collecting.... boys!
attempting to bring home dinner
"some like them hot"
one of the rare moments Cider was dry
hiking the hillside
just amazing!


  1. These are the best kind of childhood memories! And the rain and close sleeping quarters will make them all the more memorable. :)

  2. Yay! She works!!! You'll work out the kinks and it will be worth it!

    Yes, I am officially jealous.....