Thursday, April 5, 2012

bringing in rainbows

This mommy has been busy!
B will be seven this Friday and he has been so excited to have his special birthday all planned.
so far the T-shirt idea has been working... and he is doing well with the anticipation of the day's arrival.
Each day I am making something to build upon the decorations for his Rainbow Themed day....
and once again...
PINTEREST has been there to help!
some things that have been finished are::

a button number 7 for the door

gift bags (no photo... yet!)
filled with bubbles, rainbow shoelaces, rainbow licorice and candy necklaces

stamped name clips for the bags

and a few fun rainbow posters for the walls!

still lots to do....
and I am felling good about this!
off to do more crafting.

PS~ sorry the photos are so dark... I like natural light (usually!) but I took these this evening.


  1. Happy Birthday tomorrow! Have a bright, cheerful birthday with lots of rainbows!!!

  2. All looks fantastic (and lots of fun!) Happy Bithday wishes from us! :D