Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Laws

Over the past week we have had visitors.
The type of visitors you don't want to leave.
The kids adore them.
We love them.
We just cant seem to get enough time with them.

Odin asked grandpa, early in their visit... "how long are you staying?"
and grandpa said "oh you will be sick of us by the time we leave"
last night, over dinner, as they were talking of leaving the next day.....
Odin says " but grandpa, we aren't sick of you yet"
and then Bjorn chimed in.... "you need to live by us... we need to be together"

my heart broke for this relationship between my kids and their grandparents.

yep~ they are related!
It is on many days... but this day, in particular.... I wished we had family close by.

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