Tuesday, April 24, 2012

door stopping

it seems silly... and kinda... dorky!
but when you have a door slamming all the time from a simple breeze flow through your rooms....
something has to be done.

I thought about it last year.... but the thought stopped when the rains came and windows were shut.
The past few days have been amazing!!!!!  80 degrees. sunshine. and a cool slight breeze.
and the thought of a door stop~ reappeared with a force (pun intended).

Today.  I took action.
I started by surfing etsy~  thinking I could buy a cute one....
but then I turned to my craft table... looked at my fabric stash...
and cranked one out in an hour.

its simple.  yes.
its easy. yes.
and it works.  yes.

its not cute.
its not expensive.
 its a door stop not a wedding centerpiece.

I just cut out 6 (6x6) squares.
sewed in a ribbon/handle at top.
sewed up a cube.
stuffed it with poly-fil.

put in a few handfuls of rocks. (I had to get creative here.... but you could use sand. marbles. bottle caps. corks~ anything that will give it weight)

closed up the bottom of the cube...
and set by the slamming door~ it will never slam again.... 
unless intentions are there!

1 comment:

  1. Love it!!! You could put it on etsy...way cuter than the wedge things I have and it won't get moved and hidden by little fingers or paws!