Monday, April 23, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

its that time of year when one reflects on the people who love on our kids...
who educate them....
become a key part of the village that helps in raising them.

Our Teachers.
This year I bought these clear cups with straws and attached a card saying
"thanks!  our cup overflows with appreciation"

of course... I am not the original creator of this idea....
but it was PINned from this blog

I changed the saying.....
and didnt fill the cup with drinky things....
but, colorful tissue made a nice touch!

pretty cute~ I'd say!

makes me want to go back to teaching.....
(ummm... I dont think so!)


  1. these are so darling! What a great idea.

  2. So lovely! I am sure it meant the world to the teachers.

    I always am so appreciative of those who appreciate teachers. :)