Saturday, April 14, 2012


with my new phone... I can NOW surf the web, text, and get apps.  I am so... 2008!
Angry Birds ~  I dont get it!
The camera- the dang thing is so blurry sometimes. Ugg!
and how do you keep it from falling slipping out of your pocket???? ( It has dropped out  like 5 times already!)
and then there's INSTAGRAM..... Wowwie, Zowwie!
a photo enhancement/ social media and I love it....

so today I have been just trying to figure it out......

playing with words in the photo....

figuring out how to post to blog from instagram... (click here, then there, paste that to there)...

you know, as an old fart.... these new technologies can sometimes throw you into a tailspin!
but who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

It's just like being crafty... but with your phone... who knew!


  1. I don't get angry birds either!

    Love that last photo of the boys and their dog. :)

  2. Me neither! (angry birds that is!) :D