Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Clean~ Day 4 and 5

The guest room.
Our spare room is a guest room/ office... with a husband that works out of the house... its mostly the office, with a bed in it.  When guest arrive~ he moves his "portable office" to our master bedroom and can work in there....
but the shelves in the closet are much like the downstairs closet~ full of things that need to find a permanent place.  This is also where I store the "kids dont need toys".  you know, those toys that they out grow or never use... so you "trial" the removal before completely getting rid of them.  Because you know, once you get rid of them... that is when they decide they want to use them again.  For example... the toy tools.  A  few years back the boys were all into construction stuff.... and then they never touched the toys.... so I GOODWILLed them.  Last Summer with the building of our deck, Bjorn decided to "build" alongside his dad.  Low and behold~ we no longer had our toy tools... so he kept taking his dad's tools to work on things.  Lets just say.... it was a lesson learned.  So, now I set aside toys for a month or two (or six or seven~ because, even I forget about them!))..... to see if they really will miss them before I let them go.  The toys we had in the closet these days are the dinosaur stuff, Little People things and many odd and end toys..... you know... the trinket toys that tend to collect in a random sort of way.

So the closet has the "hidden toys", the CD's (which, when we have time, we go through and gradually get rid off~ because these one day~ if not already~.... will become obsolete~ as scary as that is... it is true), the books we have read, the pictures we have framed (but aren't using), the machines dad sells.... you know..... the STUFF!

I dont clean this room often.... unless company comes.
so it was due for some serious.... serious.... attention.
I wiped down the walls, scrubbed baseboards, de-cobwebbed, vacuumed under the bed, gave to a friend much of the wrapping paper (that I have not used in 4 years~ now that I tend to sew bags)... and started to empty shelves.. filter through things.... and get rid of.....
I think the hardest part of this room~ is, that much of it, is my hubby's work things.  But what is "mine" or I know what to do with~ I have taken care off....
when guest are visiting~ the white toiletries box comes out, with a blanket and towels.
As you can see, guest arrive soon!
sparkle, shine, sparkle!
the desk- in reference to the rest of the room

The linen closet.
This space, has never changed.  It has never been orderly.... but it has always held the baby blankets, baby diapers, the sheets, the guest supplies.... the linens.
If you are like me~ sheets are the hardest to fold~ I fold them, but they end up all wonky, varied in shape... and all hodge-podged.
(I just realized I have thrown made up words at you this entire post!  Goodwilled, de-cobwebbed, and now hodge-podged..... now you know what make my husband laugh at me.... I have a vocabulary like a Wikipedia veteran)

I filled up a black bag. Put the sheet sets together and made it a bit more "orderly".  Exhale.  This looks nice.

look at all that stuff jammed in there


let's see.... what room is next.
do I dare tackle under the bathroom sinks? The hutches? or step foot into our master bedroom (which is also my craft space)?????

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  1. greatest idea ever for sheets, fold them and store them in one of the matching pillow easy and they look great!