Saturday, May 5, 2012

oh what a weekend

last weekend... that is!

    (sorry I have been gone all week.  Bjorn had an EEG, I have been in a Dr.'s circle of confusion, just a little consumed.... but the week is over, and I am still standing~ and standing stronger!)

so... Portland was all wet and cloudy.
but if you go out East....
it wasn't.

Just what my soul needed.
a little sunshine.
a roasted marshmallow.
a running river.
Dinner over coals (which is amazingly easy to do!)
and a few trails!

I think we are getting the hang of this camping thang.
fireside cooking

resting on a hike~ Odin decided to whittle a stick

love the sunshine

smores and friends

Mt. Hood

Rainbow Trout at Fish Hatchery

stinky. silly. FRIENDS!

Soon on the list~ YOSEMITE! yes, that is right, we just booked three days in Yosemite in July.  the little girl in me is antsy with excitement.... I have always wanted to visit this natural wonder.... and now, it's my time!

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  1. No way! I want to go to Yosemite too-- take lots of photos!