Monday, May 7, 2012

Stash Busting Mondays #1

following in my friend Em's footsteps I am tackling the stash of fabrics, yarns and craftiness that floods my craft space.... I can choose to either give away or to create...
but, it is to share what sort of things we are doing to cut down our fibers, fabrics and fun stuff,
to make room for more?!? (did I just write that???)

This week I decided to start with a sock yarn giveaway.
I have never knitted socks....
but, if I did.... this yarn sure looked fun.
but I dont,
and I dont think I will anytime soon...
so here it is~
two full reams of sock yarn (with mixed colors of white, greens,blues, red)  I have no idea where it came from.... and one ream is balled already.....
but it has never been used.

so, the giveaway is closing Thursday, by random generator....
and in the mailbox Friday!

If you want it~ leave a comment below!


  1. I think that is super cute...I would not be using it for socks since I can't knit but something fun :)

  2. Don't tell everyone its so we can buy more!! Thats a secret :D Lovely yarn...sock yarn can be a bit addictive! Thanks for joining in Tif, it's nice to see you :D

  3. I'm just learning how to knit socks and this would be fun yarn to knit with! Thanks for the chance :-)