Friday, May 25, 2012

our 2012 Olympics!

no... not the one in London..... but the one here in Beaverton.
Each year the school district hosts a "Special Olympics" for the special ed classes.
This was Bjorn's first year to participate and I couldn't stay home....
I had to be there to witness the much anticipated event.

Bjorn was so excited that he was awake at 2am...(oh joys!)... waiting for the sun to come up so he could get ready to go.  It was raining pretty hard when B left for school~ but the event started with clouds in the sky and with just a few drops throughout the event.  I pulled up to the event, just in time, to catch him run his first relay.
Oh I wish I could express to you how his face looked.
It was enough to put a small tear on my cheek.
The great pride I had... just watching him participate....
With each event, all the kids got to have their turn, and each kid went home with a medal!
I stood back and watched all the support from our local schools, from our high school students, from our community, and all the parents.... I felt blessed.
Bjorn became the team cheerleader, as he jumped up and down with his hands flapping over his head, for each of his classmates.  He would high five anyone who walked by.... He was that excited to be there.

the long jump~ or in his case...
the long run to a sandbox.
High Fives!

What a Winning Spirit!