Thursday, May 24, 2012


are for spelling.

Every Thursday, this year, I have been volunteering in my oldest little's class.  I am in charge of spelling.  I get the opportunity to read through their writing and homework and do spelling lists that are based on each students individual interest, needs, and to their level.

This was a huge undertaking (sometimes I have spent up to 3 hours a week trying to read through all the writing)... But it has been a rewarding task.  These stories have been amazing to read....and, now-a-days, the students write stories just for me to read.  Funny stories, creative stories, dramatic plays, funny lists... secret interests~ everything a 3rd grader thinks about... I have read in this pile of pages.  I get a simple look into each students life... and it really does make me smile.
Over the past few weeks I have added a post-it note to each child's list or writing.... telling them what I liked about their story, or little jokes, and even things to just make them smile.
I cant help it... I have felt lately that they have each impacted my life with their stories~ I cant help but want to impact theirs with a simple post it note.

I sure have enjoyed 3rd grade spelling...
and I think I am going to miss it when summer starts.

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  1. Lovely! Sounds to me like you impacted in more ways than just the post-it notes....