Saturday, June 2, 2012

a simple Lego Party

 Odin turned 9 this week and his request for a lego party was granted... without all the bells and whistles that I normally pull out for  a birthday shindig.  Trust me, I had many times where I had to show restraint.... but, I did it. Simple. Nice. and Legos.  Just what the boy ordered.

Pre party set up was easy.
I had Odin get all his legos together into a tote and we brought them all downstairs.  I used the circle garland that I made for Bjorn's rainbow party and decorated the house... but added a little lego guy print out to some of the garlands.  I also used the lego guy cutout to put on the gift bags to send home.  Inside the gift bags were a lego creator 3in 1 set ($2.99 through Amazon!!! can you believe that!!!) and some candy treats.

The Lego guy print out was a free download from Winks&Daisies Blog, whom I found through Pinterest.
I filled up a few vases with legos and set them up on the food table and throughout the house.

I had three games planned.
GUESS HOW MANY  I filled up a large round glass container with legos and each child had to guess how many were in there.

WHO MADE WHAT  with 5 minutes on the timer ( and the birthday boy out of the room), each child had to make a creation.  When the time was up, Odin came in and looked at the creations and had to put a name tag by the creation he thought was made by that person.  (the hardest part of this game was encouraging the kids to not share any information about how build what)... The kids loved this game.  It was hilarious as the suspense built each time Odin got one right or wrong.

BUILD IT  (this one was the last 20 minutes of the party- which has kids quietly focused and entertained while parents came to pick up)  They got to open their gift bags and make the creator from their gift bag.  The first person to finish... won(nothing!).

The food was all Odin's choice~ chips, cookies, carrots, strawberries and pizza (all crap food but easy stuff!)
the cakes were cupcakes in the shapes of legos (my mom had the form, and I had to figure out how to frost them... possibly the hardest bit of this whole party).
I also had drink boxes for the kids and they were wrapped like little Legos that I used a free printable from DeliaCreates Blog, whom I also found through Pinterest.

Fun Times!!!!
Who Made What game
Birthday boy's role in Who Made What game

birthday boy
Most of the guest walked home from school with us... I felt like the Pied Piper.  When they got there they were on their own most of the time.... the easiest party EVER!!!


  1. Fab ideas ! May just have to have a lego party for one of my boys....

  2. What fun! Everyone looks like they are having such a great time... :D