Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Community Building

This weekend was pretty amazing.
It was a weekend where an opportunity to help our own neighborhood community build... build a new play structure in our local park.  My youngest, being that he loves building~ and loves this park, could not wait to help in constructing of this play park.  Bjorn was up early, with tool box in hand..... ready to go and build.

It was quite the structure.... and the volunteers that showed up were amazing!
Bjorn got to tighten bolts, look at directions and plans, and even dig a few holes....
we all did something...

and in the end~ created a play park....

(unfortunately ~ someone forgot to tell B that we couldn't play on it until the wood chips come in.... but, he got over it.... I can tell you... once the fence comes down~ he will be there!  And smiling!!)

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