Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Your WHAT!?!?!"

I heard it....
last week.
He said it loud and clear.....
just the day after his birthday party....
he said the dreaded words of summer....
and he still had 1 1/2 weeks of school.

my sassy self thought of wiggling my shoulders and waving my finger "oh, no you didn' didn't just say that....!"

but I knew~
I knew it wouldn't be the last time I heard it either...

That is when I realized I needed to be certain to have a plan in place for summer.  So I began to search.... (Pinterest, of course!)... and found this great blog~ ShabbyBeachNest and her idea for an "I'm Bored" Jar.  Now, of course- her tongue depressors are amazing~ and they look like  A LOT of work. But I took her idea, and simplified it.  I printed out her ideas, added some of my own, and cut them out.  I, then, rolled them up into small scrolls... and popped them into a jar.
Decorated the jar.
and now... I am ready.
armed with the tools for the next time a little voice says "I'm Bored"

::side note::
some of the tasks are things for the kids to do on their own, and some are for us to do together.  I know that if I am to make this a successful craft~ I may have to stop what I am doing... and participate.  So, if you intend to do this, you too, must realize that sometimes we have to stop what we are doing~ to be sure that a follow through happens.


  1. you should have made them chores, then they would have found something to do instead of letting the words escape their mouths :)

    1. Oh...some of them are chores.... some are acts of really is a wide variety of things.

  2. Fab idea! Your deatails have been forwarded and postage will happen soon...keep an eye out for that postman! :D

  3. Brilliant - I will have to use this with my boys :)