Friday, June 8, 2012

If it doesn't get done by Thursday...

My Friend K is an amazing volunteer at our local school.  She does everything, thinks of everyone, and gets things done.  She has become my closest of friend over the past two years~ and she is everything that I am not.
The third grade class is doing a Portland Musical next Tuesday and she was put in charge of the back drop.  The backdrop was to be of Mount Hood, and K was hoping it would be done by volunteers she had scheduled in.  Unfortunately, circumstances happen.... it wasn't getting done.
So I told her, If it isn't done by Thursday, I can come and help you.
We had a few pictures to go off of (thankfully~ I cant imagine ever getting it right without them)
And my crafty little self- had all sorts of ideas.....
So, we worked on it, using pastels....
and I am glad I did it~
I still have a little bit of drawing skills under my belt!
(as I pat myself on the back)

I totally love the team that K and I are.
She kept me at simple. on time. and organized (things that I struggle with)
and she didn't have to sketch Mount Hood.

I may never climb this beast of a mountain~ but I can draw one!
(my favorite part are the tree stumps)

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